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The Benefits of Private Practice Care

  • We provide individualized care instead of using a “cookie cutter” or “cookbook” approach to medicine. No two patients are treated alike.
  • Dr. Boas supervises the care of each and every patient. The physician-patient relationship is strictly maintained in all circumstances.
  • We have flexible hours. We accommodate your schedule instead of vice versa.
  • Dr. Boas is always accessible by phone for medical emergencies.  At such critical times, you won’t have to talk to a physician you have never seen before and who is unfamiliar with your condition.
  • We have multiple convenient locations with parking within a few feet of our door.  We come to you with our multiple office locations (Glenview, South Barrington, Lake Bluff, and Naperville).
  • Dr. Boas maintains direct control of your care if hospitalization is required. Dr. Boas conducts ongoing hospital visits and will not allow residents to become your defacto physician.

Access To Multiple Specialists

The staff of The Cystic Fibrosis Center of Chicago features multiple accredited and/or certified specialists to address every related aspect of CF Care.  This includes Respiratory Therapists, Exercise Physiologists, Clinical Psychologists, Athletic Trainer, Physical Therapists, Dieticians, and Social Workers.  Because we are affiliated with multiple institutions, we are not limited to a single hospital-based system for referrals for physician specialists such as cardiologists or for other ancillary services or diagnostics.