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Frequently Asked Questions & What To Expect Before Your Visit 

We try to anticipate questions you might have about our program and provide the answers here. If you need additional information contact us at (847) 998-3434 or email us at SportsPhys@wecare4lungs.com.

Q: What should be brought to the visit?

A: All participants should bring athletic shoes and comfortable athletic shorts and shirts. Some may wish to bring a change of clothes or have a towel available.  While water is available at the Laboratory, feel free to bring a water bottle or sports drink. We ask that all beverages have a closable top.


Q: What should be worn for my visit?

A: The athlete should wear athletic shoes, athletic shorts and a comfortable tee shirt or tank top.  Females should also wear a tank top or low cut/V-neck running top. For portions of the test (i.e., EKG lead placement), males will be required to be shirtless and females will be required to wear their tank top or low cut/V-neck running top.  


Q: Should routine medications be given on the test day?

A: Medications should be given as prescribed by the athlete’s medical team. If a medication is required during testing (i.e., asthma inhaler, insulin, glucose, etc.), please notify staff on arrival.


Q: Does a parent need to be present on test day?

A: For any athlete under the age of 18 years of age, a parent or legal guardian must be present during check-in to sign consent. Parents or guardians are not required but are encouraged to be present for the duration of the test.  Athletes over the age of 18 years do not require presence of a parent or guardian at any time point.


Q: What if there is an illness on the day of my test?

A: Please notify us as soon as possible if there is an illness on the day of the test. Some illnesses may require rescheduling.


Q: What if there is an injury before the test?

A: If an injury has occurred and a doctor or athletic trainer has prohibited exercise, then the visit should be rescheduled once cleared by a physician.


Q: What if we’re running late for the appointment?

A: If you are running late for the appointment, please notify us as soon as possible as the test may need to be rescheduled. Please allow plenty of time to arrive for the visit.


Q: Are workouts before testing okay?

A: No. In order to optimize test results and obtain the most accurate information, exercise on the day of the visit is not advised.


Q: Will results be available on the day of testing?

A: No. The data collected on the day of testing will be analyzed over the course of several days. A follow-up session can be scheduled for an in-depth discussion of the personalized results.

Q: What should be done with the information received from the testing?

A: Personalized results will provide information about exercise performance and level of fitness.  Feedback will be given about areas of strength as well as areas where there are opportunities for improvement. Formal suggestions will be tailored to help optimize exercise performance.


Q: Can the test be repeated?

A: Yes. Many of our athletes perform testing to monitor changes in their exercise performance over time, or to evaluate success of changes in their training regimen.


Q: Can adults sign up?

A: The Sports Physiology Center of Chicago offers the most comprehensive and state of the art physiologic assessment of exercise performance in children and adolescents. The specificity of our evaluation limits it’s the utility of this evaluation to the child and adolescent athlete.  Similar assessments for adults may not be widely available. Consult with your primary physician for possible resources for testing.