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Continuity of Care

With improved cystic fibrosis care, the average life span of a person with CF has increased dramatically and is now over 40 years of age.  Many individuals live well beyond this average, making the continuity of adult CF care of extreme importance.  Unlike other settings which generally focus exclusively on child, adolescent, or adult care, The Cystic Fibrosis Center of Chicago treats people with CF of all ages.  With a wide network of adult and pediatric specialists available, any unique medical situations can be addressed.  You will not be forced to move to another center based on an institution’s age cutoff!  With Dr. Boas, the all important physician-parent relationship stays intact over the long haul.

Our multi-generational treatment model spans an individual’s entire life and addresses a broad spectrum of issues:

  •          The newly diagnosed
  •          Adolescent concerns
  •          College and young adult issues
  •      Family planning, fertility and other adult issues

The Cystic Fibrosis Center of Chicago has particular expertise in areas such as work-career issues, dating, health insurance concerns, and the life aging process.  Our team provides invaluable perspective and assistance in “treating the whole person” as they move on with their life.

Our Mentorship Program complements professional services and allows individuals and families to talk to a person with CF who has dealt with the same challenges.  This offers real life solutions to the day to day issues cystic fibrosis presents.