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The Cystic Fibrosis Center of Chicago features the full array of state of the art CF and pediatric physiology diagnostic testing.  Several tests that are offered are not available elsewhere in the Chicago area and are indicative of the technical expertise of our staff.  Our accredited technicians have undergone extensive training in all procedures.

Testing is administered under rigid procedures set up by Dr. Boas and subject to his ongoing quality control.  All diagnostic tests are reviewed and personally interpreted by Dr. Boas – they are not sent to an outside lab for interpretation.  Likewise, all laboratory diagnostic testing is done in our office – patients are not sent to an outside lab where quality control protocols may not be up to our nationally accredited standards.

Diagnostic testing is a critical element in the treatment process.  It allows for an ongoing assessment of medications and other treatment modalities and may point to the need for modifications.  It also provides an invaluable measure of the success of treatment while also monitoring for the potential development of new and/or concurrent conditions.



Impulse Oscillometry

Lung Volume Assessment

Pulmonary Stress Testing

Diffusion Capacity

Exercise Laryngoscopy

Bronchodilator Assessment

Methacholine Provocation

Exercise Provocation

Body Fat Assessment

Respiratory Muscle Assessment